• Welcome to Radley Elementary School Music!
    Hello!  Welcome to music at Radley Elementary School!  As the music teacher at Radley, I make it my goal to help my students love, respect and have fun with music.  Whether we are singing, saying, dancing or playing, we are learning something new, experiencing the joys of music and gaining the benefits of music education.  My beliefs about music education come from a practice known as Orff, created by a famous composer Carl Orff.  Carl Orff believed that children learn by singing, saying, dancing and playing. 
    Three times per year I attend workshops on Saturday where I learn how to teach in this way!  I love the workshops and can see how this teaching strategy really works for our students!  I also attend Montana Music Educator's Conferences every year.  What an amazing life music can give us!
    The Rules in Radley's Music Room are pretty simple:
    Music Starts and Ends in Silence
    I have a personal code of behavior and I follow it!
    Do the right thing even when NO ONE is looking!
    In this classroom, we will...
    Sing, speak, move, play AND create! 
     If you would ever like to come with your child to music, we would love to have you here!    Just check in at the office with Mrs. Surginer or Mrs. Dunlap and come on down! 
Last Modified on September 5, 2019