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    Welcome New 6th Graders!

    At the Museum of the Rockies 
     Every year the 6th Grade class visits the museum in Bozeman to study Montana's rich paleontology heritage. If you are interested in being a parent volunteer for this trip, please contact me.


    Hi, Welcome to my website as the year continues please check this site for lesson plan updates and extra credit opportunities.  
         I have been teaching 6th grade Science here at East Valley Middle School for going on 19 years. I truly love Science and have lived a life of Science on a 6th grade level most of my life. When I was in middle school I had a chemistry lab set up underneath the basement steps and I launched various model rockets into the atmosphere on a regular basis, some never to be seen again.
         I graduated with a Bachelor's in Science K -8 Education in 2002. I also have degrees in Forestry from Central Oregon College, Land Surveying from FVCC Kalispell, Montana, and Ski Area Management from an obscure small college in the UP of Michigan. I successfully completed a 25 year dream by recieving a Master's degree at Montana State University in the summer of 2009. I can proudly say that I now hold a Master's of Science in Science Education in my collection of degrees. Most of the courses I took during the program were field courses and we traveled all over Montana studying primarily Earth Science. Since my Masters degree work I have continued on with a minor in Meteorology, various GIS classes, Geology classes, and Paleontology classes. I love to teach and I am huge believer in lifelong learning, but most of all I enjoy being around kids, 'you guys make me feel like a kid'.
         I participate in just about any outdoor activity! I fish more than I probably should, but I read somewhere that for everyday you fish, you add a day to your life....so I am working on that. I also mountain bike, kayak, hike, travel, go camping, and of course backcountry skiing which is my passion! A few years ago I decided to learn how to skateboard and so far I have not broken any bones on the skateboards,now horses are a different story. If you want to borrow one of my boards just ask!
          Boy, I had a fun summer! I spent about 10 days with my family in Central Washington to celebrate my Dad's 90th birthday. It was so much fun celebrating with family and the younger kids! 
          I was able to visit some old friends in Bend, Oregon and we did some great Mountain Biking, fished the Deschutes River, and ate some great food. In late June I had a 3 day class on Grizzly bears. I learned alot and made some new friends. But, my favorite part of this summer was 'Skiing the Blaze' in the Spanish peaks near Ennis, Montana. Check out my pictures.
         Again this year we will have web-based interactive books. These books will be given to each student, you can write in them, complete homework using them or complete your work entirely over the internet. This year the books will be available through an Etext application on the chromebooks. We will be using Google Classroom with all 6th grade assignments. No more sending assignments home for absent students, the work can be completed online. Last year 6th grade science students were about 97% paperless. The New chrome books have a user friendly keyboard, which will help greatly with keyboarding skills.
    Welcome back students, let's have some fun learning experiences!!
    Please stop in, visit and introduce yourselves or contact me at tsamson@ehps.k12.mt.us.
    In the words of Mrs. Jo Hagler.... "Here we go!",
    All the very best, 
    Mr. Todd M. Samson 
    Middle Fork of the Flathead River Trip (2020)
    map mff
    D&T take off
    gear mess
    here we go
    Raft& rapids
    rod up
    Gracie on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River
    Fishing during the Solar Eclipse on famous earthquake created Quake Lake, Montana with My sister Karen and her husband Terry.(2017)
    big rainbow trout
    One big Rainbow, my biggest in my life!(2017) I love to use a 2 - handed spey rod to fish for these big boys!
    mike  pac5 raftout 78
    deplane 2  
    2016 Bob Marshall Wilderness Pac Raft Trip on the South Fork of the Flathead River!
    me ski
    2016 I love to ski in the Month of June!!!! Sacagawea Moutain Bridgers, Montana
    kayak 4  
     2016 Blackfoot I like to Kayak when it gets too hot to fish!
     Gracie on the Klickitat River, Washington State 
    The world's greatest DOG! (2015)

    • tic3 
      Trout in the Classroom (Raising trout from eggs!)
    Circumnavigation of Yellowstone Lake July, 2011. 6 days 85 miles
    GROUP picture
    July 7 day Backpack trip to the Chinese Wall (limestone overthrust on the continental divide) deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness!(Below left)
    hexrock steelheaddry grass hex 5
    Oregon's Deschutes River Wild Steelhead 2013, 14, & 15   Basalt Steppe Country covered by huge hardened lava flows.  
    Group picture
    Weed Warriors on the Smith River Service Learning Project 2014
    Me getting ready to ski
    La Grave, France April 2, 2010 belaying into 3000 vertical ft.       
    Couloir La Vaute for a ski descent, and still here to talk about it.   
    My greatest adventure!
    Brothersreading in the sun
    Genetics and foreheads! Scott & Todd Samson     Reading on the Sun River (2001 Fire)
     eggshell sift in Choteau, MTshells
       Sifting through the dirt in search of Troodon dinosaur eggshells,
                                                           World Famous Egg Mountain, Choteau, Mt. 2010




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