Mr. Pritchard in Costa Rica
    Hello!  Welcome to Mr. Pritchard's page.  Here you can find my contact information and learn a little about me.
    Contact Information
    cell phone: 406-213-8134
    About Me
    I am originally from Lolo, Montana.  I've been with my wife for almost twenty-three years and have three boys.  I went to high school at Big Sky High in Missoula and then attended school at UM in Missoula.  Over the years I've worked a variety of jobs-- in the Alaskan fishing fleet, as a chemical engineer, as an ESL teacher in Chile, and for Verizon Wireless.  I decided to change careers and started teaching Spanish twelve years ago.  I still can't believe they pay me to do this!
    Duolingo is an excellent, easy thing to help you learn Spanish.  I use Duolingo as our curriculum at EVMS.  Best practices for using Duolingo include: 1)turn up the volume so you can hear it  2)speak when prompted  3)don't test out.  
    Google Classroom
    This is the officially-supported EHPS K-12 virtual classroom... it is the single place for students and parents to track assignments, quizzes, and class activities.  Parents, would you like access to your student's Google Classrooms?  Please email me and I'll add you.    


    East Helena High School Spanish
    To access our online textbook, please click here. To log in simply use your school Google credentials. Click the big green "log in now" button, then on the right hand side of the page you'll see the Google Classroom icon. Just click it, confirm your school Google identity, and you're in! Note that you need to be logged in with your school Google credentials for this to work. If you're stuck email me!


    Student Grades and Assignments
    Student still grades and assignments are all available in Powerschool. Parents need a username (usually a number) and password. If you don't have these, please contact the office.  
    Google Classroom grades may not be the same as PowerSchool grades.  This happens because I may choose to leave an assignment out of PowerSchool that was in Google Classroom, or more commonly I weight an assignment differently in Powerschool.  If you're not following that logic, all you need to know is that PowerSchool is where the official grades are.  
    If your student is missing a quiz or assignment, I generally allow retakes and I accept late work.  Students need to communicate to me exactly what is being made up, otherwise it may not end up in the gradebook.  
    Sadly we do not have software that automatically updates student grades in Powerschool.  Even automated assignments must be manually entered by a teacher.  This means a student may make up an assignment and receive a grade, but that grade does not appear in the offical PowerSchool gradebook.  Again, please communicate to me exactly what you made up so I can enter your grade.  Email works well.  
    Online Learning December 7 through December 11, 2020
    We are beginning work in chapter 3 of our textbook.
    Attendance counts!  Failure to show up will hurt your grade.  If you have an appointment or some other circumstance that causes you to miss school, please tell me in advance.    Our online meetings will last around half an hour.  The online meeting schedule for this week is daily at 3:30pm.  
Last Modified on December 8, 2020