Mr. Pritchard in Costa Rica
    Hello!  Welcome to Mr. Pritchard's page.  Here you can find my contact information and learn a little about me.
    Contact Information
    phone: 406-227-7740
    About Me
    I am originally from Lolo, Montana.  I've been with my wife for almost twenty years and have three boys.  I went to high school at Big Sky High in Missoula and then attended school at UM in Missoula.  I've worked in the Alaskan fishing fleet, as a chemical engineer, and for Verizon Wireless.  I decided to change careers and started teaching Spanish nine years ago.  I still can't believe they pay me to do this!
    What Class is Like
    My experience with learning languages has been that experience works best.  Think of it like a card game; someone can explain it to you all day but you won't really learn the game until you sit down and play it.  Learning a language is similar; you don't really know it until you do it.  That's what it's like in my classroom.  Students are given the opportunity to experience language in a way that is very real, often using their bodies and having to do things.  My highest goal for students is that they have fun and feel successful internalizing language.
    We use an application called Duolingo in class.  Students receive credit for completing a "Skill".  We average about one Skill per week.  
    Students will not receive credit for testing out of a Skill.  Although I'm a big believer in testing out in general, I reserve this option for native speakers.   
    The Duolingo app is available for ios, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac, and just about everything else.  If you don't have the app, you can use just about any web browser too.  
    Sometimes a student forgets her username or password for Duolingo.  If that happens, just email me.  
    Duolingo should be used with the volume up.  Questions that ask you to speak should be answered with, well, speaking.  If the volume bothers other people use headphones.

    Google Classroom

     Students and parents can easily track assignments, quizzes, and class activities on Google Classroom.    Parents can get access to their students' Classrooms by providing me a parent email, then I send an invite.  
    Student Grades and Assignments
    Student grades and assignments are all available in Powerschool. Parents need a username (usually a number) and password. If you don't have these, please contact the office.  If your student is missing a quiz or assignment, I generally allow retakes all trimester long.  Students needing to take quizzes at home may do so provided they promise not to cheat.    
    Please notify me via email that you have made something up and therefore need the grade entered.
    Missing work will continue to show as such in the gradebook until the student notifies me.  


    Hello.  We're going to start making a platformer.  The tutorial is located here.  The artwork is located here.  Go forth and game!

Last Modified on January 22, 2019