• Hello and thanks for visiting my page! Though I'm new to EHHS this school year (2023-24), I am not new to teaching.  

    I graduated from high school in NJ in the early 90s.  I then spent 12 years in Buffalo, NY, earning a Bachelor's in Mathematics (theoretical) and a Master's in Mathematics (secondary math 7-12). My first teaching job was in Virginia in 2004-2005. We left Virginia in 2010, stopping for a year each in Tennessee and South Carolina before making our way to Montana in the summer of 2012.

    Since moving to Montana, the number of kids in our family has doubled, and despite the loss of our feline cross-country companions, the addition of many pets. At present, living in my home with my husband and me, are our 3 sons, 3 of 4 cats, 1 bearded dragon, and 2 Siberian Huskies.   My oldest and only daughter (20) attends college at UM in Missoula, and took 1 cat with her, but had to leave her bearded dragon behind.  My sons are 16, 10, and 8, with my oldest son attending Helena HS. My youngest is a 2nd grader at Jim Darcy. 

    Having taught at Granite High School (C), both Powell County High School and Jefferson High School (B), and Capital High School (AA), I find myself on a new path this year at East Helena High School (A).

    I am honored to be able to join the amazing (and young) staff of East Helena High School!  The view, open spaces, and student-centered atmosphere are awe-inspiring!  The alternating block schedule allows for wonderful opportunities for students and staff alike. I am privileged to be a part of the in-house Alternative Program helping to meet individual student needs and helping non-traditional students experience success! 

    In addition to the Alt Program, I also teach Algebra I, Integrated Math 2, and Dual Credit College Algebra (S1) and Statistics (S2).                                                                                    

    I have a Computer Coding endorsement to go along with my Math endorsement, which qualifies me to teach several Computer Science Courses in addition to basically any Math course.  I have taught Dual Credit CSCI 107 Joy and Beauty of Computing via Highlands College and CSCI 127 Joy and Beauty of Data via Gallatin College. 

    I have been teaching for MTDA for the past 5 years as a Dual Credit Lead Teacher of M105 Contemporary Math and recently added a second course for MTDA, M121 College Algebra.  Both courses I teach are considered prerequisites for the STAT 216 course and are offered for Dual Credit through Helena College and available to students across Montana who might not have the Dual Credit offerings at their home schools.  Over my almost two decades of teaching math, it would be difficult to find a math class that I have no experience teaching. I have taught a 4-day week, a traditional 7 period schedule, a semester and alternating block hybrid, private school in Tennessee and South Carolina, and now in both a traditional and alternative role with an alternating block schedule.  

    I love teaching high school math, and look forward to helping East Helena High School continue to step into the future!