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                        226 E. Clinton         East Helena, MT  59635
    East Helena School District Mission:
         East Helena Public Schools in partnership with the parents and community will offer a secure place where students gain knowledge, grow in wisdom, develop confidence and value learning for life.”
    This mission is the guide to the district as it strives to serve over 1950 students each year in grades K through 12. The district is organized currently into five buildings according to their grade level. Eastgate School is the district’s building for kindergarteners, completed in 2018, Prickly Pear serves first and second grades, Radley educates third through fifth grades, East Valley Middle School prepares students for high school in grades sixth through eighth, and, with its first graduating class departing in Spring 2023, East Helena High School, serves as the district's final K-12 stop for our high schoolers.
    District Motto:
     “Success for All”
    The District motto is key to the attitudes of the professionals that serve our students and our district has a great tradition of offering the students an excellent education.  Students of all abilities are prepared for the future with a fundamental understanding of the three R’s and also allowed to excel in computer technology, foreign language, advanced math, and arts and music. Though the district operates on a lean budget, students receive only the best from a dedicated staff of 70+ professionals, two-thirds of which have earned a Master's degree or above.  Robert H. Radley Elementary School was recognized as the only Blue Ribbon School in the State of Montana in the 2007 - 2008 school year by the U.S. Department of Education and continues to boast excellent achievement scores in reading and math.  These test scores are indicative of the excellent education students receive in East Helena.  Our staff also includes 3 Walmart Teachers of the Year, A Veterans of Foreign Wars Regional Teacher of the Year, a School Board Principal of the Year, and the 2007 Montana AHPERD Teacher of the Year. Through an understanding of the needs of all children and the commitment to Success for All Students, East Helena Public Schools offers the wonderful community of East Helena an outstanding education.
Last Modified on December 14, 2022