• Welcome,

    I'm Brooklyn Bennett and I teach 6th-8th Grade Art at EVMS. I started my teaching career here in the bizzare year of 2020. Though the year tested most everyone, I was fortunate enough to persevere through it with my students. They've taught and continue to teach me so much about resilience. 

    I was born and raised in this area and left after high school to pursue my education at the University of Montana Western. I graduated from UMW with a bachelors degree in Art Education K-12 in 2019. I'm so happy that I've gotten to return home and be a part of this amazing community again. 

    In my free time, I enjoy making art, cooking, being outdoors, traveling, and spending time with my kitty! I'm passionate about helping kids and am excited for the opportunity to teach my students for the entirety of their middle school careers.

    My goal is to cultivate a safe and positive classroom environment for all to learn. Sharing my love of art with others is my passion. I strive to lead a classroom where everyone can express, feel pride, and discover how subjective art can be.