“The Tiger Times”
    Eastgate Elementary - Kinder Cubs/K
    Prickly Pear Elementary - 1st - 2nd
    Brandon Crusat - Principal


    Tiger Team!

    It is hard to believe we are almost a quarter of the way through this school year!

    Weather and Clothing
    As the weather continues to turn, please remind your child to bring the necessary items to school (coats, gloves, boots, etc.).  In addition to these items, an extra pair of shoes or socks to have once the student comes back into the building is a great way to ensure they are in a place to learn once they return to class.  We will be outside for recess until the temperature is 0 degrees (wind chill is a factor added in).

    If you and your family are in need of coats, please contact our school and speak with one of our counselors.  Thank you!

    At Home Literacy Strategies and Activities
    Counting Syllables - As you prepare dinner or are cleaning up toys, say the word of the item and have your child count how many syllables are in that word.

    Chopping Words - Work on chopping up words into individual sounds.  For example, if the word is crust you would chop the word into /k/ /r/ /u/ /s/ /t/.

    Closed Captioning - Next time you watch a movie with your child, turn on closed captioning and lower the volume or mute.

    Upcoming Dates
    November 2nd - Early Release 1:30
    November 3rd - Prickly Pear Picture Retakes
    November 5th - Eastgate Picture Retakes
    November 9th - Parent-Teacher Conferences - 3:30 - 7:00
    November 11th - Parent-Teacher Conferences - 3:30 - 7:00
    November 25th - 27th - Thanksgiving Break

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    Brandon Crusat
    Eastgate & Prickly Pear Elementary

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    The mission of Prickly Pear Elementary School is to offer a secure place where students gain knowledge, grow in wisdom, develop confidence, and value learning for life.




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