“The Tiger Times”
    Eastgate Elementary - Kinder Cubs/K
    Prickly Pear Elementary - 1st - 2nd
    Brandon Crusat - Principal


    Tiger Team!

    I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable break! We are so excited to see our students again!

    The end of quarter 2 is drawing near and will conclude on January 21st. Please see the following information
    for Distance Learning classes.

    Distance Learning Applications - Due by January 15th. These can be found in the office or online HERE.

    Current Distance Learners - If you are planning to continue Distance Learning there is no further action. If
    you wish to come back to in-person learning, please notify our office and your child’s teacher by January 19th.

    Distance Learning Attendance Guidance

    Students who leave for vacation, stay home for not feeling well (not an issued quarantine) or other non
    COVID-19 related reasons will not participate in the distance learning option. Rather, the parent will work
    directly with the child’s teacher to coordinate work that needs to be made up once they return. This is similar
    to past practice prior to COVID-19.

    If a student is on a health department quarantine or transitions to distance learning through a school order the
    student may access their education through the grade level distance learning teacher. Their homeroom
    teacher will collaborate with the grade level distance learning teacher to supply a Google Meet link and also
    gather attendance. The student is expected to attend Google Meets for attendance. In the case of a
    school/class/cohort closure, the student will participate in their instruction through their homeroom teacher. If
    your family is having difficulty attending a Google Meet, please contact our front office for assistance.
    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    Brandon Crusat
    Eastgate & Prickly Pear Elementary

  • Prickly Pear Elementary

     Prickly Pear Elementary School

     P.O. Box 1280, 325 Academic Way
    East Helena, MT 59635
    Phone 406-227-7720
    Fax 406-227-5534
    Connie McLaughlin - Secretary  ---  cmclaughlin@ehps.k12.mt.us

    The mission of Prickly Pear Elementary School is to offer a secure place where students gain knowledge, grow in wisdom, develop confidence, and value learning for life.




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