•  EHPS Community Garden
    Located South of the
    East Valley Middle School
    LifePoint Church and other volunteers at work!  Thanks so very much!

     garden gate
     Only 3 Community Garden plots are
    still available!
    Summer of 2017 
    Contact Jeanette
    I check my email often and respond
    as soon as possible. 
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    General Information*:

    ~Plots are approximately 22 x 10

    ~You may have more than one plot, if available

    ~Water sprinklers are hooked up and set up on a timer
    ~The garden will be tilled and ready to plant by the last week of May.  
    ~ Please bring bags for weeds.  They can be left inside the garden by the gate and will be disposed of for you.
    ~ You may add low fencing around your plot.
    ~ Please help keep weeds down by pulling a few up in vacant plots.   
    Added Information:  
    ~Plots will be marked off on Monday after school, and then planting can start when you want after that.  
    ~The sprinklers will be set on an automatic timer and I will adjust them accordingly.  Please contact me if you don't think your plot is getting enough water.  I will have each plot marked with your name.  
    ~There is also a spigot available for water cans and a temporary hose if needed.  Please do not leave your hoses on the gardens if you use them.  
    ~I am hoping to have the outside perimeter of the garden (inside the fence) mowed down, so please don't leave tools or other stuff around the edges.  Please put garbage bags as close to the gate as possible.  
    ~Take the time to introduce yourself to other gardeners - that way we get to know and recognize each other.  
    ~The gate is unlocked now, but after Tuesday, please lock it when you leave, even if someone else left it open - accidents happen, but we need to watch out for each other.   If it's close to night, please be extra careful to remember to lock it up.
    *Please check back for more information - to be added later 
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