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    PowerSchool Parent Sign On


     Dear Parent:
                     The East Helena School District provides PowerSchool Parent Portal Single Sign On.  As a parent/guardian, you need a single personal username and password to access information for the students in your family.  You also need this user name and password to purchase lunch credits on-line. 

                All students have an assigned guardian username and password in addition to student credentials.  If you do not have these, please contact your child's school.  Follow the directions below to create your account.  Note:  the username and passwords are case sensitive.

             *Note:  Multiple user names and passwords can be created for the same child - this allows parents of children who live in multiple households to access information with their own usernames and passwords, as well as having to logon only once instead of individually for each student.  
    Instructions in PDF form: Power School Parent Sign On Directions


     Go to - https://ehps9.powerschool.com/public/
          1.  Select:  Create an Account. 
    Parent Sign In Window

          2.  Enter your information in the parent section. 

    Password creation hints:   

          1. Password is case-sensitive.

          2. School personal does not have access this password.

          3. & $ or # cannot be used.  

          4. Please do not share this password with your children. Students have their own      credentials.

          5.  If you lose your username and/or password, you can reset it on the portal.

         PowerSchool Create Parent Account Window


          3.  Enter one Student at a time, using their  Full Name,  Access ID and Access passwords  – provided by the school.

          4.  Use the dropdown to select your relationship to the Students

          5. Select Submit at the bottom when finished. More students can be added after the account is created if necessary. 

    PowerSchool Link Students Window


    Log off and back in to access this screen.  

    PowerSchool Student Account Screen

         1. Click on the names at the top to switch between Students.

         2. Select Email accounts to have reports emailed to you.

         3. Use Account Preferences to edit account and/or add Students.


    If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school secretary, or
    DJ Howell, EHPS Technology Coordinator at 227-7740.