• Sports ConditioningWeight-lifter


         Sports Conditioning is a class designed for the students who want to improve their fitness level through a variety of fitness activities. 
         Students will pre-test their fitness levels at the beginning of the trimester and then perform the same tests again at the end of the trimester.  The tests include a variety of muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility and cardio-respiratory endurance activities.  Some tests include:  curl-ups, push-ups, PACER test, 12 minute run, trunk lift, sit and reach, jump reach and flexed arm hang or pull-ups.
         Students will be provided with a variety of activities each day, that if done correctly with intensity, will improve their base fitness scores.
         Activities include:  P90X workouts, Biggest Loser workouts, functional and resistance training workouts, PT tests from the Army and National Guard, individual and team sports activities, etc.



Last Modified on December 13, 2017