• Health Enhancement Overview


    Health Enhancement is a twelve-week rotation class at East Valley Middle School.  Sixth graders have health enhancement the first trimester, seventh graders the second trimester and eighth graders the third.  Health Enhancement is a combination of Health and Physical Education.  The students will be required to dress out 3-4 times per week and health is taught the other 1-2 days.  The following are requirements for this class:


    Dress Out Attire:  All students are required to dress out on physical education days.  Students are required to have shorts, sweats or running pants (longer than mid thigh), a full-size T-shirt (no tank tops, muscle shirts, or shirts that show skin when the arms are lifted above the head), and a pair of tennis shoes (shoes without backs, shoestring ties and sandals are not allowed).


    Injuries:  Health Enhancement is a required class.  If your son/daughter is injured for any reason and cannot participate in class, a doctor’s note is required to be excused.  If an injury is not serious enough to warrant a visit to the doctor, the student will be required to do the best that they can given the extent and placement of the injury. 


    Absences:  Health Enhancement is a required class.  Therefore, your child is graded daily on their participation.  If the student is absent on a physical education day, they are required to make-up that day by completing the form on the back of this paper.  The forms are available at all times and are located on the outside of my office door in the gym.  If the student is absent on a health day, it is up to them to ask me for the notes, assignment or activity that they missed.


    Thanks and I look forward to another great year.


    Staci Dawes

    6-8 Health Enhancement

    East Valley Middle School

Last Modified on November 2, 2010