Mrs. Dawes' Gym Expectations


    Sporting equpment



     1.  Respect:  Respect yourself, others adults, the property of others, others' rights and feelings
    Responsibility: Responsible for your actions, school work, clothes, attitude, and equipment
    Ready: Imaginative and creative in solving problems
    2.  Dressing Out:  You are required to dress out for PE everyday, unless specified otherwise.  You will need a pair of workout shoes, shorts (longer than the tips of your fingers hanging down when you are standing up straight) and a regular T-shirt (cut-offs and any variety of tank top are not allowed).
    3.  Equipment:  All equipment must be used the way it is intended to be used (unless otherwise specified).  Equipment is not be touched unless directed to do so and you are responsible for the equipment used during the class period.
    4.  Warm-up:  Warm-up takes place about 3 minutes after the final bell.  Students not completing the designated warm-up and in their warm-spots by that time will lose 3 points.
    5.  Showers:  Showers are available for your use.  Please bring your own towel.
    6.  Locks:  If you choose to leave your clothes in a locker in the locker room, please check out a lock from me.  School issued locks are the only locks that are allowed in the locker room.  If you choose not to lock up your items, we are not responsible for them.  School issued locks not returned at the end of the trimester will result in a minimal fine for its replacement.
    7.  Injuries: All  in class injuries need to be reported promptly.  If you are injured outside of class or are too ill and cannot participate in class a DR'S NOTE IS REQUIRED.
    8.  Absences: All absences need to be made-up.  Please find the "PE Absence Form" on this website.  This form is due back withone one week of the absence for full credit.
    Health Enhancement is a participation class.  There are a minimal amount of paper assignments and all assignments are completed in class.  Each day is worth ten points unless otherwise noted through an activity or handout.  Listed below are some ways to get all 10 points in the gym:
    Dressing Out
    Participating (the whole class period)
    Completing Warm-up (before class starts)
    Following Directions
    On Task Behaviors
    Being a Good Leader
Last Modified on December 13, 2017