June 3 Lesson Plans

  • Period 5 Spanish 1

    Learning Goals: students review how to say "ing" in Spanish, how to use gustar to say what they like, and how to make comparisons and superlatives.

    Learning Goal: students continue on a virtual field trip in Spain.


    1. Start with a group game about saying "ing" in Spanish.  Click here for the game.  

    2.Students should then complete the short exercises in their textbook.

    3. Next an explanatory Kahoot with "gustar".  Click here for the game.

    4. Students should then complete the "gustar" exercise in their textbook.  

    5.Students complete the compartives and superlatives exercise in their textbook.

    6.Show  episode 4 of "Mi Vida Loca".  

    7. Students complete episode 4 worksheet.  

    8. Students spend the remainder of time in the Duolingo Spanish app on their Chromebooks.  No phones please.


    Period 6 spanish II

    Learning Goal: students enjoy a movie they've probably already seen, but in Spanish.  

    Go to netflix.com.  Use username julierik@hotmail.com.  Then use the password I text you.  Or if you have your own netflix account feel free to use it.  Play "Penguins of Madagascar".  Make sure the audio is set to Spanish, with English subtitles.  Film lasts 92 mins so you may want to skip the first two mins.


    Period 6 Spanish III

    Learning Goal: students understand two basic rules for when to add accents to words in Spanish.

    Learning Goal: students enjoy a movie they've probably already seen, but in Spanish. 

    1. These students will need to step outside the room and watch a video on how and when to do accents in Spanish.

    2. Once complete, they are welcome to come back in and watch the film with Spanish II.


    Period 7 Spanish I

    Same as period 5.

Last Modified on June 3, 2022