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    I love celebrating with students!
    Treat/Snack Guidelines:
    1. Food allergies do not just effect students in our homeroom, but can also effect students in reading group in our school. Please be considerate of these allergies when directed so that everyone can celebrate safely. Also consider a "non food" treat for parties. For more treat ideas, please see the link at the bottom of the page.
    2. We currently have 26 students in our classroom family. Please bring enough treats for everyone.
    3. A healthy fruit and vegetable snack will be provided on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday by the Radley kitchen. Students can bring their own snack on Mondays and Fridays.  If your student brings their own snack, there will be no sharing due to allergies.
    4. Please try and keep your treats/snacks as healthy as possible. For snacks, please help provide something for your student that does not have sugar in the first five ingredients. 
    5. Make sure that treats are easy to pass out. No whole cakes, please.
    6. Please provide proper utensils, napkins, cups, etc. for birthday treats.
    7. There is minimal fridge space to keep treats cool. Please take this into consideration when planning your treats.
    8. No snacks will be refrigerated or heated up.
    9. Please sign up to bring party treats at open house. If you are unable to attend open house and would like to sign up to bring party treats, please email me. 
    10. Students with summer birthdays will celebrate on their half birthday or in the month of May.
    11. Birthday treats will be enjoyed  between 2:35 PM and3:05 PM.
    Thank you for helping to provide a fun, healthy and safe way to celebrate for all students!
    Safe Snack Guide                
Last Modified on August 19, 2018